5 FANTASTIC IDEAS how to transfer old jewels to make great decorations to your home and for personal use

How to use old_jewels


I think many of us have old jewels in drawers. Me personally I have not inherited such antiques, but I like spending my time with buying them on fleet markets. I can never resist 🙂

BUT what can I do with them? I thought I might make beaded jewels by using parts of them. However, they seem heavy enough already to transform them into a light-weitghed beaded piece. So I started to look for ideas on the net and I found pretty good ones.



They have many nice ideas not only with old, but newly bought jewelry elements or crystals. If you click on the links you will find nicely finished home decorations that might bring an extra mood to your interiour.





I have found nice candle bottles decorated with jewelry parts. Kathy Owen, the author dreamed out nice pieces that can be used both outside and inside. She has many variations and they all look easy to create. She has tips and tricks added.





There are no instructions in this article, but there are wonderful ideas how to use old jewelry in your home. My favourite one is to add an old brooche to a gift package. It makes the simple and matt wrapped package a luxury looking gift.




Creative people make awesome pictures or picture frames by using jewelry elements. Some of them are specially made for Xmas or other events. All of them look fantastic. All you need is a nice frame / mirror and glue, and VOILÁ




I like this idea of using old pieces and bobby pins to make your friends happy. We all like giving handmade gifts. It is a simple, yet great creation. The only thing I am afraid of is not being able to stop producing them 🙂


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