Strange Art


We all want to be unique or somtimes to wear “attraction attention” accessories. Some designers are forming “strange or weird world” into reality with creativity and fantasy.

Here are some known artists whose works I like the most.

MAJORAL – Medditerrean-inspired jewelry

This is a Spain based company that has many shops all over the country. They create unique and nature inspired but wearable pieces. They often appear at fashion shows.

Pluja Collection is inspired by rain, water “as the origin of life and as a rare and valuable asset”. This collection has an airy touch and you cam feel the drops splashing all over you.

MAJORAL                                   MAJORAL


YQY Jewellry

This very talented young lady Qian Yang graduated from London College of Fashion in 2014 with a First Class degree in Fashion Jewelry BA. She takaes broken porcelain dolls and repairs them with gold plated metal, creating, in the process, an amazing series of work.

YQY Jewellry

YQY Jewellry


JUST PAPER, nothing else. She combines it with Maths. She is not the first artist who is inspired by geometric forms. She turns paper and geometry into a fantastic embellishment on dresses. Hrustic has just graduated in product design at the Academy for Fine Arts in Sarajevo and this collection, PLATO was her diploma project. Well Done!





She still plays. With dolls. With Barbie dolls. But she plays in a totally different way as the guide would suggests it. Margaux uses Barbie doll parts for making impressive designs. She is great at it and I like the environmentalist feature about it. She studied Fine Arts and graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

Barbie doll jewelries



She firmly has a different approach to objects. She graduated from King’s Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladktabang, in Bangkok. She received many awards in UK and Germany. She says her creations are coming from ordinary life, but nothing is ordinary what she does. Her motto is from Albert Einstein : “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when created them.”


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