LOVE BUSINESS, alias wonderful story of Marko and Zita

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It was obviously cute from the beginning when they first contacted me to join our community. They seemed to have a perfect harmony of supporting and complementing each other.

A great couple living and struggling together. They have their own story, their own life, their own up-side downs like everyone who decides having a business of its own.

We, women, know the urge of the feeling of having nice accessories and clothes. So it all started with a nice bag Zita could not get, but wanted so much. She likes unique things. Then comes the man. Marko had some piece of leather and really wanted to make her a wonderful surprise. And he succeeded in it and Zita was happy. Then she wanted a bracelet….

Marko and Zita

Marko and Zita

Zita’s first bag made by Marko.

Friends saw Marko’s talent and they slowly started to order pieces from him. So It happened that more and more orders came and Marko realized he could give a chance of worth living out of it. So they built of a workshop and invested in tools he needed for his work. They created FELBAB leather.

Marko and Zita         Marko and Zita    Marko and Zita

Working with leather is not a quick process. There are certain steps you have to follow, you need to cut, carve, glue and hand stitch. You need special tools and materials for moistening, stamping, and should be very precise to create a nice piece.

 Marko and Zita

Zita works in a local school as a teacher, and helps Marko to spread business. She handles photos and online business in the evenings or at week-ends when their two children are in bed. I really got to know a nice couple whose vow “in good and in bad” is not only words you say when getting married.

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